Ailing Economy And Gold Prices Today

Gold Prices Today

Over the course of human civilization, gold has inspired jewelers and wearers alike with its purity and rarity.  Till the present day the demand for gold continues globally, and its popularity has shifted from mere personal ownership to prized physical assets for investment.

The soaring price of gold today reflects the ailing economic giants triggered by the meltdown in the US national financial system, followed by an ever weakening US and European currencies.  Amidst the clamours of reclining economy gold prices today per ounce can see graph on right side.

The price of gold today outperformed the all-time high record in August 2011 ahead of the main US payrolls data. Currently, trade analysts and investors are in a ‘wait and watch’ mode , and as per current scenerio If the figures on the jobs frontier turn out to be lower than anticipated then the chances of recession looms at large. Given the circumstances the likelihood of gold prices increasing weighs higher than the increase in the equity market. In the meantime, other precious metal like silver was quoted at $42.20-$42.27, an increase up to 62 per cent. Mounting tensions over Greece’s ability to meet its deficit targets have added fuel to the already charged-up European stock markets.

Investors are keenly observing market trends in Asian emerging economies like China and India that are facing the brunt of high inflation rates. Thus, the existing uncertainties in both the US and Europe have made investors throng for bullion in the long run.

Interestingly, the steep hike in gold price today failed to deter the demand of this precious metal in India— world’s largest gold consumer. In today’s fast paced world, there are numerous gold trading websites offering gold price today chart with live updates on current gold rate. Gold trading has never been easier than this—whether you want to compare gold price history for the past 30 days, 60 days, 1 year and 2 years et al – everything is just a click away.

Furthermore, the advent Gold Price IPhone App and Gold Price Android App has made tracking live gold prices during peak trading hours possible at a glance.

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